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ELT Interviews links

Links to interviews with people in English language teaching

3-Question Interview with Ken Wilson
Ken Wilson answers three important questions about ELT.

Elizabeth O'Brien interviews Lisa VanDamme
Lisa VanDamme is the founder and director of VanDamme Academy, a private school that graduates thoughtful, articulate, and independent students.

Elizabeth O'Brien talks to Diana Tower
Diana Tower is the author of the website Her site is directed at people studying English as a second language. Through her site, she offers materials, techniques, and helpful advice for learning English.

English Grammar Revolution interview with Josef Essberger
Interview by Elizabeth O'Brien with Josef Essberger, creator of

English Grammar Revolution Interview with Lucy Ferriss
Lucy Ferriss is a writer and professor at Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut. She holds a Ph.D. from Tufts University and has published several novels and won numerous literary awards. In her course, Constructing Thought: A Short, Fun Course in Sentence Diagramming, she uses sentence diagramming to teach students grammar and sentence structure.

Interview with Grammar Girl
Mignon Fogarty, more widely known as Grammar Girl, hosts a five to ten minute weekly podcast focused on giving simple grammar tips that are easy to apply to our everyday lives.

Interview with Paul Brians
Paul Brians wrote the book on errors in English usage - literally. His book, "Common Errors in English Usage", serves as an easy-to-use reference for all of those times you can't remember if you should use lay or lie, than or then, or your or you're

Poolside Interview - Grammarman | EnglishClub
Meet the creator of Grammarman, the world's first and only grammar superhero! Josef Essberger of EnglishClub talks to Brian Boyd

Video Interview with Josef Essberger
Josef Essberger, founder of and, talks about and the documentary film Talking TEFL.

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