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ESL Blogs links

Links to blogs by and for ESL learners and teachers

An A-Z of ELT
The blog of ELT author Scott Thornbury

Celebrity English Conversation Styles
I have enjoyed being in the education field for over 20 years; and a language learner for longer. The adventure has allowed me to meet and work with amazing people in North America and overseas.

EFL minus the BS
A series of observations and tips on EFL worldwide

English Raven
Jason Renshaw's weblog

English Teacher Melanie
A blog for English learners. Includes videos, podcasts, and readings in easy English. Subject matter is related to Life in Canada.

English: learn & think
A place for people to meet and reflect in English

ESL Blog
A blog for ESL teachers and learners with language education news and views

ESL Vietnam Zone
Resources for learners and teachers of English as a second language

We publish a weekly blog that has highly useful English language tips for English learners and teachers

Ginseng English Blog
The Ginseng English blog offers regular tips and graphics to improve your English!

Go ESLing
Students and teachers can read about everyday events, anecdotes and things of the world that surrounds us. In addition, there are some Language Tips and a Vocabulary section.

Grammar lessons and tests
Turkish blog publishing grammar lessons and specific learning outcomes for ESL

Gramorak's Blog
If you are interested in the grammar of English, need to learn something about it, or have a question to ask or comment to make, this blog will be the place

Jeremy Harmer's Blog
Reflections on ELT from one of the industry's top teacher trainers and authors.

Joe's Cafe
Personal blog of Josef Essberger, founder of EnglishClub

Ken Wilson's Blog
Free materials, ideas and reflections for teachers of English by an ELT author and teacher trainer

Profesorbaker's Worldwide English Blog
Born in the Year of the Tiger, in the first month of Aquarius, in a small, rural Arkansas town called Luxora (population 1000). Taught to read and do basic math before kindergarten by my mother and big brother, breezed through 12 years of a high school education with a GPA of 93.50 and vowed to never study again... (How wrong I was... I have never stopped studying, be it formal or informal I love to study and learn new things...

Readable Blog
Blog posts written in easy English for English language learners

Serena's blog
A blog created to help learners of English with a collection of original interactive activities covering the five language learning skills.

Talk to the Clouds
"Teaching, Speaking, Reading, Pondering English" (for teachers)

Thoughts from TEFL veteran Alex Case, with worksheets and articles

The English Blog
This blog is regularly updated with interesting news stories and videos

The Travelling Teachers
A blog for EFL students and teachers about cultural topics and new digital tools.

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