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ESL Games links

Links to games pages for ESL learners and teachers

ESL Games | EnglishClub  popular 
Play word games and improve your English at the same time. Hangman, matching games, crosswords and more

ESL Games & Quiz Corner | TEFLGames
Interactive and classroom games and quizzes for EFL/ESL - all levels and ages

ESL Games by Easy ESL Games
ESL Games And Resources For ESL And EFL Teachers.

ESL Vocabulary Games: Guess the Word
This is an easy to prepare game with just one material (link included in video) to get your students working in teams in a race to guess as many words as possible. This is a fun way to review vocabulary words that they have already reviewed in class. This can be adapted to any language level and age.

ESL Vocabulary with Uno Cards Game
This is a fun game that you can teach your students to play in order to practice sentence structure as well as asking and answering a question. You can adapt the game for older to young students as well as switch out the tasks. Additionally, you can change up the vocabulary to suit the content you are teaching. Enjoy!

Lots of games and other activities aimed at adult learners, covers Business English and conversation classes too

GameLingua - vocabulary games for teaching English
English language games with database of over 2900 words in 90 categories. Currently two learning games: True or False and Word Guess.

Good Riddles Now
A bunch of riddles updated and added to daily that utilize vocabulary and grammar

Learning English with adventure games | Antimoon
How you can learn English by playing adventure games on your computer

Puzzle Choice
Puzzles and games. Crosswords, wordsearches, quizzes, brainteasers, wordplay, teacher resources

Play scrabble, wordgames online

Vocabulary Games | EnglishClub
Matching pairs and other games to improve your vocabulary

Word Up
Quiz-style ESL board game for classroom or home use. Online sales

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