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ESL Software links

Links to pages about software for ESL learners and teachers

Clarity English
Provide effective software for teaching English

Software for pronunciation, idioms, TOEFL & TOEIC preparation

Introduction to SuperMemo
Get to know SuperMemo and stop forgetting!

Authentic, idiomatic language for English learning

Pronunciation Patterns
Use phonic rules and patterns to learn English pronunciation...

Skool Manager
Customizable software for school management

An introduction to learning English vocabulary with the revolutionary computer program, SuperMemo.

VocaBoca - Visual Dictionary + Vocabulary Builder
Vocabulary to your Boca. VocaBoca is a smartphone app that lets you build your own vocabulary list from the words you find in your favourite apps. VocaBoca combines the power of Google Translate, Flickr images and Wiktionary to explain any word, from any app in almost any language.

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