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ESL Tests links

Links to English testing and exam pages for ESL learners

A TOEIC Practice Session | EnglishClub
Online practice for your TOEIC test

About TOEFL | EnglishClub
All about the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL)

About TOEIC | EnglishClub
All about the Test of English for International Communication (TOEIC)

CAE Exam Tips
Improve your Cambridge English Advanced (CAE) score with our free, expert advice.

Online general tests for learners of English

English Level Test | ExamEnglish
Which exam? Free test to find you your level

Exams for EFL/ESL Students | EnglishClub
Information, resources and help for tests and examinations designed for students of English as a foreign or second language

Online service for Cambridge exam preparation

Grammar for Cambridge exams
Practice grammar exercises for Cambridge exams such as CPE, KET.

Help for the IELTS Test |
Advice and exercises for the IELTS test

IELTS Advantage
This site was set up to help IELTS students study at home for free. The site is updated daily with hints and tips, full lessons and sample answers.

IELTS High Score
Free IELTS Reading, Writing, Listening & Speaking tips for a higher IELTS score

Interactive English Test | ScientificPsychic
Online English test that will verify your knowledge of grammar, your comprehension and some strange subtleties of the English language

Levels for EFL/ESL Learners | EnglishClub
Scales and levels used in assessing student competence in EFL/ESL

PTE Academic Exam- PTE Academic Materials and Resources
Your complete solution to preparation for PTE ACADEMIC. Free PTE Academic Practice Tests - Reading, Listening, Writing | PTE Exam Preparation - Free PTE material and resources.

PTE Academic study guide - PTE Academic tips and practice material
Hotshot24 is one of the leading portals in the field of PTE Academic. We provide PTE Academic - Reading, Writing, Speaking & Listening free practice material and test tips.

Test Your Reading Level | EnglishClub
How well do you understand what you read in English?

Tests for EFL/ESL Teachers | EnglishClub
Information, resources and help for tests and examinations designed for teachers of English as a foreign or second language

The IELTS Tutor Edublogs
This blog helps IELTS students with free articles on test preparation skills and strategies. There are weekly updates test advice and tips, podcasts and links to other useful resources.

TOEFL Info | TestDEN
Guide to everything about the TOEFL test

TOEFL Practice Session | EnglishClub
Explanation and practice for the TOEFL test - with answers

TOEFL Practice Test | TestDEN
Take our sample practice test and see your score

TOEFL Practice tests | ExamEnglish
Timed structured tests for TOEFL. Just like the real thing

TOEIC Preparation |
Complete preparation for students sitting the TOEIC test. Quick preparation or study to 990 points. Including level estimate and focused training for all students

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