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Dean's Autism Website
I make this website because I have done lots of thinking and research about Autism. And because I want to help two groups of people: I want people to know about autism and how to interact with Autistic friends like us. Also, if someone has Autism and finds this website, I want them to have more information and know more about it.

Dropping out of College: Why, How, and What to Do After
The idea of dropping out of college can come up for a variety of reasons. For example, some students cannot cope with the academic workload, while others are forced to interrupt their studies for health reasons. In this section, we’ll look at the most relevant reasons why students may quit their education early.

Dyslexia and Language Learning | EnglishClub
An introduction to dyslexia, how it affects language learners, and useful strategies for teachers

Emotional Intelligence for Students: Tips & Resources
Emotional intelligence, or EQ, is a person’s ability to identify and manage their own emotions, as well as recognize the feelings of others. A lot of EQ research has been published in the past two decades, with most studies revealing the indisputable advantages of having high emotional awareness and intelligence levels. Some scholars even stress the need for integrating EQ education into the school curriculum. But what exactly does EQ give you? Let’s look at it in more detail below.

Interview about Dyslexia | EnglishClub
Tara Benwell of EnglishClub talks to singer-songwriter Jonathan Taylor about his experience with and strategies for dyslexia

Teaching Students with Learning Difficulties
These pages look at particular learning difficulties (LDs) that some students face, especially as they relate to language learning.

Yoga for Your Brain: Exercises for Body & Mind
Undoubtedly, physical exercise is an important part of any person’s life. This is especially true for students who often find themselves desk-bound. It can be challenging to find the time to go for a jog or hit the gym when you are juggling multiple classes and piles of homework. This is why we recommend students try yoga.

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