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Learning Difficulties links

Links to learning difficulties pages relevant to language-learning

Dean's Autism Website  new 
I make this website because I have done lots of thinking and research about Autism. And because I want to help two groups of people: I want people to know about autism and how to interact with Autistic friends like us. Also, if someone has Autism and finds this website, I want them to have more information and know more about it.

Teaching Students with Learning Difficulties  new 
These pages look at particular learning difficulties (LDs) that some students face, especially as they relate to language learning.

Bright Solutions for Dyslexia
Sharing the latest dyslexia research with those who need to know

Dyslexia and Language Learning | EnglishClub
An introduction to dyslexia, how it affects language learners, and useful strategies for teachers

Interview about Dyslexia | EnglishClub
Tara Benwell of EnglishClub talks to singer-songwriter Jonathan Taylor about his experience with and strategies for dyslexia

What's it Like Being Dyslexic?
This comic tells the story of a dyslexic kid struggling at school. Find out typical dyslexic difficulties and their strengths

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