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Listening links

Links to English listening pages for ESL learners and teachers

Dictation is a method to learn languages by listening and writing down what you hear. It is a highly effective method! has hundreds of dictation exercises to help English learners practice easily and improve quickly.

Dictation | EnglishClub
Want to improve your English listening skills? Dictations can help in many ways. They even help you learn new vocabulary in context

English Listening & Dictation
Ready to take your english skills to the next level. Our engaging practice exercises for reading, listening and dictation are the perfect way to boost your language proficiency. Visit us now.

ESL Videos | EnglishClub
Short videos and clips for listening practice. Including subtitles, quizzes and classroom materials

How to Hear English Everywhere | EnglishClub
This page will show you why it is important to hear as much English as possible. And how to hear English everywhere in the world

Internet Movie Script Database
The biggest collection of movie scripts available anywhere on the web. Let's you read or download movie scripts for free.

Learning English Video Project | EnglishClub
Listen to 7 short videos, with subtitles, about people learning English around the world

Listening | EnglishClub
Lessons and resources for ESL learners. Many pages with audio

Randall's ESL Cyber Listening Lab
English listening practice website, suitable for any level of English learner

Woodpecker Learning
Watch Youtube in English and touch any word in the subtitles to look it up. We filter Youtube for great content for learners, find something you like to watch, look up any word you don't know while you watch, save words to your word history to review for later. Immerse and understand like a native English speaker!

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