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Listening links

Links to English listening pages for ESL learners and teachers

Dictation | EnglishClub
Want to improve your English listening skills? Dictations can help in many ways. They even help you learn new vocabulary in context

ESL Videos | EnglishClub
Short videos and clips for listening practice. Including subtitles, quizzes and classroom materials literature & history, blog & radio
A blog about writing, literature & history, but also a streaming arts radio channel, which features almost exclusively radioplays of famous liteature. It's all free, non-profit and online 24/7.

How to Hear English Everywhere | EnglishClub
This page will show you why it is important to hear as much English as possible. And how to hear English everywhere in the world

Learning English Video Project | EnglishClub
Listen to 7 short videos, with subtitles, about people learning English around the world

Listening | EnglishClub
Lessons and resources for ESL learners. Many pages with audio

Podcasts | EnglishClub
Listening exercises with transcripts, notes and questions to check your comprehension

Radio stations from USA
Learning English with radio stations (music and talk)

Randall's ESL Cyber Listening Lab
English listening practice web site, suitable for any level of English learner

Recordings of famous poems, speeches etc in English that learners can listen to or practise speaking with

Shaggy Dog Stories
Download 10 short, funny stories in mp3 format

Song Lyrics and Worksheets
Lyrics and worksheet database to make songs fun for students

The French History Podcast
The French History Podcast is an English-language podcast with transcriptions for each episode so ESL students can listen and follow along to dozens of hours of content, 100% free.

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