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Friday, August 28 2015

Dreamreader  new 
Dreamreader.net is a site where you can find free English reading lessons (updated regularly with new lessons).

Edufind  new 
An extensive English grammar guide with grammar rules explained in plain English, lots of examples, and a clean layout. Availabile in several languages.

ESLMadeEasy  new 
ESL website links to worksheets and activities for classroom and 1:1 teaching. Monthly topics/themes, and current ESL friendly news.

JimmyESL  new 
Articles about teaching ESL, vocab, grammar and idioms worksheets

Learn British English  new 
This site is all about British English. It has regular articles about life in the UK. All articles are informative and fun for learners of English.

LoveTEFL Recruiting  new 
Accredited TEFL Course, Internships and TEFL Job provider

Premier ESL  new 
Top quality bespoke ESL lesson plans using the hottest news from around the world.

Readable English  new 
Readable English is a new, innovative way to learn to read and pronounce English.

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