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Reading links

Links to English reading pages for ESL learners and teachers

Short Stories | EnglishClub  popular 
Original short stories for reading practice. Some with comprehension quizzes and vocab lists

Common Dreams
Regular reading of newspaper articles in English

Dreamreader is a site where you can find free English reading lessons (updated regularly with new lessons).
Read interesting articles in easy English, with vocab lists

Good Neighbours
Children's story for Young Learners. With grammar/comprehension questions and answers. Level: lower-intermediate

Learn British English
This site is all about British English. It has regular articles about life in the UK. All articles are informative and fun for learners of English.

Maxwell Loses a Tooth
Children's story for Young Learners. With grammar/comprehension questions and answers. Level: intermediate

News in Levels
Read easy English news. Articles for students who want to practice their reading and listening skills online

Quotations | EnglishClub
A selection of quotes in English, with word definitions and contextual notes. Arranged by topic and author

Read It English
Improve your English with interesting articles at your reading level

Reading ~ the most important way to learn English | Antimoon
Why reading is absolutely important in English learning. Why you don't need grammar books, what is grammar intuition, what is the best way to read

Recommended Reading | EnglishClub
Recommended reading lists categorized by age and topic

Simple English News
Learn English and improve your vocabulary reading the news in simple language

The Gold Star Kid & The Dream Angel
Free ebook by Jonathan Taylor. PDF and audio

The importance of reading
Learn how to read in English to maximize your progress!

This Week in History | EnglishClub
Read about events that happened in history, in easy English for ESL students. With vocabulary and quiz. Updated weekly

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