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Speaking links

Links to English speaking pages for ESL learners and teachers

3 Ways to Speak English More Confidently
The article is aimed at English learners who lack confidence in speaking English, and teaches three ways to help build confidence.

8 Ways to Sound More Like an American When You Speak English
Some surprising mistakes can keep you from sounding like a native U.S. English speaker. Here's how to fix them.

Build Superhuman Confidence in Speaking English
David Buckley maps out some simple techniques that English students can use to boost their confidence when speaking English.

Dublin Conversation Classess
2Hr conversation meetups on Wednesday and Thursday in the center of Dublin. Every Week a different topic that gets all students fully engaged in speaking!

Ebook: How to Become a Confident English Speaker at work
The goal of this ebook is to teach you how to acquire a confident mindset speaking English in professional situations, such as meetings, presentations and job interviews. This is a compact book of 70 pages, with lots of actions you can start taking today to build confidence. In this book you will learn: * How to measure your confidence speaking English * How to master the power of repetition and practice, so that you are completely prepared for meetings and presentations in English * How to master discipline - the ‘catalyst for confidence’, so that you can take your English to the next level * How to dominate Your Inner 'self-talk‘ and destroy negative thoughts about your English speaking. * How to use pressurized situations like presentations and meetings to gain confidence speaking English

ESL Discussions
Thousands of conversation questions

ESL Jokes | EnglishClub
A laugh a day keeps the doctor away! You can learn a lot about a language from its jokes

Free Skype Matching Service
Need someone to practise your English with? We'll match you with other English learners at your level and provide you with materials to talk about.

Quisapit is a website of live classes where teachers and students are connected by video conference.

Speaking about the Weather
How to talk about the weather

Talk English
Audio and tools to help you speak English fluently

Talk English Now
A site for practising English conversation with a virtual partner

Telephone English | EnglishClub
Using English on the telephone

The English Garden Association
An association dedicated to the improvment of the spoken English word. Meeting every week I prepare a subject to discuss using a list of questions on the choosen subject and either a word search or scrabbled words to introduce new words to the students vocab. As an English club we always have tea & cake! All are welcome. Lesley

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