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Card Tricks for Teaching English
You can see 4 Card Tricks in the videos with their subtitles in English below. I want to carry out a research study, and contribute to the literature with these original card tricks adapted by me to English Language teaching. Your comments and contributions are really important to me. If you can share the form with other English language teachers, I will be grateful. Please answer the 5 questions in the form. History, Linguistics, ESL tips and tricks
It's all about the language at DrunkenESL. Come and find out the intricacies of the English. If you're curious about teaching, history, or linguistics, check it out.

EL Gazette
Online version of the EL Gazette, a newspaper for English language and international education

ELT Management | EnglishClub
Information and tools for ESL school managers and admin staff

English Teacher Education - How to Become an English Teacher
EnglishTeacherEDU was created to shed light on this path and offer direction. The heart and soul of this resource are the USA state guides detailing the education options, teacher preparation program requirements, and examination process involved in qualifying to become an English teacher. We have worked tirelessly with state boards of education to develop a resource that is as reliable as it is easy to understand.

get TEFL
Online TEFL certification. Online TEFL courses.

Real tips and practical advice for EFL/ESL teachers
This free resource was developed specifically for EFL/ESL teachers wanting to learn more about language learning and teaching. The site features videos, teaching ideas, articles, and a blog.

Teacher Forums | EnglishClub  updated 
Discussion and school projects for English teachers
Content for teachers of English, from the British Council and BBC

TEFL Articles | EnglishClub
A selection of articles and essays related to the teaching of English

Frequently asked questions about TEFL or teaching English as a foreign language
A comprehensive site for TEFL teachers. Everything from lesson plans to jobs

TESOL's mission is to develop and maintain professional expertise in English language teaching and learning for speakers of other languages worldwide

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