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Writing links

Links to English writing pages for ESL learners and teachers

Enago - English Editing & Proofreading  new 
Enago offers author and publication support services to academic scholars and researchers to improve the communication of their research and achieve publication success. Our 2000+ native-English editors with PhD/Master's degree and average editing experience of 19.4 years have assisted 200,000+ authors. We empower the scientific research community by providing appropriate resources, service, and support and ensure that our authors receive the best quality output and superior user experience at all times.

Daily Writing Tips
Over 3000 articles about grammar, punctuation, spelling, and writing in general.

English Writing | EnglishClub
The skill of writing English for EFL/ESL students

How to improve your writing in 5 minutes | Antimoon
You can improve your English writing immediately by spelling words correctly and using correct punctuation

Rhyme Desk
An interactive writing tool – rhymes, near rhymes, synonyms, thesaurus, word definitions, syllable counter.

Scribbr - Academic Proofreading & Editing
Academic proofreading and editing is a discipline in its own right. A strong academic text with proper language and style has to meet certain rules. Using the right words and tenses is essential for your reader to understand the ideas you want to express. That’s why you need to make sure your thesis or Ph.D. respects the rules of academic writing. Luckily, Scribbr and its team of language experts are here to ensure your writing makes sense and meets all academic requirements. Scribbr’s editors are thesis experts and are ready to proofread all your academic documents!

Full keyboard support that lets you type foreign characters and accents as well as IPA phonetic symbols

Writing well for the web and in print

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