Peer Editing Quiz

Tests material covered on EnglishClub's page on Peer Editing and Proofreading. You can do this quiz online or print it on paper.

1. A peer editor is someone who reviews, corrects and make suggestions about

their own writing
a peer's writing
an editor's writing
a) their own writing b) a peer's writing c) an editor's writing

2. Finding and correcting mistakes in your own or someone else's writing is called

a) peer-reading b) proofwriting c) proofreading

3. A proofreader's job includes looking for mistakes in

punctuation and spelling
logic and fact-checking
pronunciation and tone
a) punctuation and spelling b) logic and fact-checking c) pronunciation and tone

4. Most people think it's _______ to spot another person's mistakes than it is to spot our own.

a) easier b) harder c) better

5. An editor's key is a set of symbols that an editor uses to _______ to the writing.

make changes
suggest changes
correct changes
a) make changes b) suggest changes c) correct changes

6. If the letter P is written near some text, the editor thinks there's a _______ error.

a) preposition b) pronoun c) punctuation

7. Which symbol means the spelling needs correcting?

a) S b) SP c) SPL

8. If a phrase is circled with a question mark above, the editor thinks the phrase is

not true
a question
a) unclear b) not true c) a question

9. Putting a slash through a word like this word means it can or should be

a) replaced b) repeated c) removed

10. Which is placed above a verb if the wrong tense has been used?

the letter V
the letters VT
the letter T
a) the letter V b) the letters VT c) the letter T

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