Peer Editing

peer (noun): a person who shares your ability, age or background; your equal
edit (verb): to review, correct and suggest changes to another person's work

You cannot always count on a teacher to review your writing. Your teacher may have many students in her class. Or you may not have a formal teacher. Perhaps you have an online teacher, or you are learning to write on your own. "Flying solo" is not something writers should do. For every writer there must be a reader. The first reader is you. Reading a piece of writing and making/suggesting corrections is called "proofreading". After you proofread your own writing, find a "peer editor" to check your work again and make suggestions.

Proofreader's checklist

Here is a list to check when you review your own writing:

  1. Did I allow some time to pass before re-reading my work?
  2. Do my sentences have proper capitalization and punctuation?
  3. Are there any words I think might be spelled incorrectly?
  4. Did I read it out loud to myself?
  5. Did I write too much or too little?
  6. Are all of the sentences necessary?
  7. Did I use one form of narration throughout? (with a specific audience in mind)

What is the job of a peer editor?

The peer editor helps the writer submit, post or publish a piece of writing. This person does not fix all of the mistakes. The peer editor helps the writer fix her own mistakes. Think of your peer editor as a teacher or tutor. It is easier to spot another person's mistakes than it is to spot your own.

Peer editor's key

It is a good idea to create an editor's key with your writing peers. This way you can suggest changes instead of fixing the mistakes. An editor's key has symbols that everyone understands. If you mark your friend's paper by hand, use a different colour pen than the writing. If you mark it on the computer, use a different colour font.

C = Case
F = Form
P = Punctuation
SP = Spelling
T = Tense
WC = Word Choice
/ = Not necessary
^ = Add a word
? = Unclear
* = Other problem or concern

Abbreviations and symbols explained

C: Use this to show that a letter should be changed to lower (abc) or upper (ABC) case.

F: Use this when the wrong word form (noun, verb, adjective) is used. For example, a writer might use the word "aboard" (adverb) instead of "board" (verb).

P: Place a P where a punctuation error exists. Perhaps the sentence is missing a period. Maybe a comma is used incorrectly.

T: Use if a verb is in the wrong tense. Place the T on top of the incorrect verb. Allow the writer to correct the tense.

WC: Use this when the specific word or phrase does not make sense. Perhaps the writer doesn't understand the meaning of the word. Maybe there is a better word.

/: Place this slash through a word that is not needed. For example you could place it through the word to before a verb if only the base verb is needed.

?: Use this if you don't understand a sentence or phrase. Circle the section you don't understand and write a question mark above it.

^: Use this symbol to indicate that the writer needs to insert a word or phrase. Perhaps the writer forgot to include "to" before a base verb.

*: For other errors you can place a star * beside the problem. At the end of the page or writing add a note with a star. You can use two stars ** for a second note etc.

Example paragraph with errors

i went home erly today. I wasn't feel good school. It was raining day, so I go home and have a rest. When I wake up, I felt better.

Example edit

example edit with rings

Note: You don't have to ring the errors.

example edit without rings

Editing challenge:

  1. Peer Edit: Use your editing key to indicate where the errors are in the text below ↓
  2. Rewrite: Imagine you are the writer. Rewrite the text by fixing the errors you have found.
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