The slash (/) is also known as: forward slash, stroke, oblique. You should use the slash with care in formal writing.

1. A slash is often used to indicate "or":

Do not over-use the slash to indicate "or". It can suggest laziness on the part of the writer. The "and/or" construction is widely considered to be very bad form.

2. Use a slash for fractions:

3. Use a slash to indicate "per" in measurements of speed, prices etc:

4. People often use a slash in certain abbreviations:

5. A slash is often used in dates to separate day, month and year:

6. The slash is used to separate parts of a website address (URL) on the Internet, and to separate folders on some computer systems:

Note that the BBC insist on using the term "forward slash" in URLs instead of the perfectly acceptable and simpler "slash" - perhaps out of prudishness because the term "slash" can also be used as slang for "urinate".