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Idioms Quiz: Money 2

Many idioms are based on money and payment. Test your knowledge of English idioms with the questions below. To learn more about an individual idiom, click on the "more about this idiom" link.

1. feel the pinch

Most people have been feeling the pinch because of
  1. falling prices
  2. steady prices
  3. rising prices
more about this idiom: feel the pinch

2. go out of business

My company went out of business because we
  1. wanted to increase sales
  2. couldn't make a profit
  3. couldn't make a loss
more about this idiom: go out of business

3. grease someone's palm

It was obvious that many people had greased the chief of police's palm because he had
  1. become very poor
  2. become very rich
  3. become very greasy
more about this idiom: grease someone's palm

4. in the black

If you are in the black, you
  1. are owed money
  2. owe money
  3. don't owe money
more about this idiom: in the black

5. in the red

If someone is in the red they
  1. are owed money
  2. owe money
  3. have been owed money
more about this idiom: in the red

6. kill the goose that lays the golden egg

If people find something that makes them a lot of money, they often kill the goose that laid the golden egg because of
  1. their kindness
  2. their greed
  3. their anger

7. made of money

Bob asked if I could give him loan, and I said,"I'm not made of money, you know. Why don't you
  1. ask someone else for a loan?"
  2. ask me to borrow some money?"
  3. lend someone else some money?"
more about this idiom: made of money

8. make a killing

After Julie made a killing on the stock exchange, she
  1. did her time in jail
  2. recovered in a hospital
  3. celebrated in a nightclub
more about this idiom: make a killing

9. pay the price

I've got a bad headache this morning. I guess I'm paying the price for
  1. drinking too much alcohol last night
  2. some aspirins I bought last night
  3. the hotel we stayed in last night
more about this idiom: pay the price

10. pay through the nose

They got to see the final game, but they paid through the nose for their tickets because
  1. they weren't selling well
  2. they were so hard to get
  3. they didn't have much money
more about this idiom: pay through the nose

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