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Encounters in the UK - Printable Quiz

Answers (NB: these will not print out when you print this quiz):
1c, 2a, 3b, 4c, 5d, 6d, 7a, 8d, 9a, 10b

First watch Encounters in the UK (17m): www.englishclub.com/esl-videos/encounters-in-the-uk
Then try the quiz below.

1.What is usually meant by the word "homestay"?
  1. an English course for foreign students
  2. a company that organises study tours
  3. a type of student accommodation
  4. a method of teaching English
2.Besides wanting to learn English, why did some of the students go to Cambridge?
  1. to figure out their next step in life
  2. to get away from their parents
  3. to train as English teachers
  4. to find English boyfriends
3.What is Silvia's housemum doing in the kitchen?
  1. teaching Silvia how to cook
  2. helping Silvia to review some vocabulary
  3. reminding Silvia of the house rules
  4. convincing Silvia to try English food
4.What does James say is included in a basic half-board homestay booking?
  1. English tutoring and laundry service
  2. 3 meals a day and a private room
  3. breakfast and an evening meal
  4. a friend and a twin room
5.What does James say is included in a self-catering homestay booking?
  1. bed, breakfast and an evening meal
  2. Internet access
  3. complete immersion in an English family
  4. cooking facilities
6.Which was NOT mentioned by Carolina?
  1. taking part in the children's birthday parties
  2. playing squash with her housemum
  3. having her laundry done every Thursday
  4. getting a weekly allowance like the other kids
7.When Carol talks about the evening meal, which of the following does she NOT mention?
  1. becoming part of English life
  2. sitting at the table
  3. talking about things they've done during the day
  4. discussing aspects of English life
8.How did Christina go about choosing a homestay family?
  1. She asked the school about available IELTS dates.
  2. She looked for a family of the same nationality.
  3. She waited until a friend had done the same programme.
  4. She got recommendations from a previous student and a school.
9.What do both Silvia and Christina say they can do with their host families?
  1. practise their English
  2. learn grammar and vocabulary
  3. correct their English
  4. match their intonation
10.What does Michaela advise future homestay students to do?
  1. be arrogant
  2. interact with people
  3. stay in their own world
  4. open a business

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