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correct sentences

Post by hanuman_2000 » Mon Sep 27, 2004 3:57 am

Respected Alan Sir,

Please correct the following sentences.

By the time when you come, I will be nine years old.

I am never boring,when I read her stories.

"By the time and When " can not be used together ,but I don,t know why? Please explain it in detail.
This is the best book in the library.

I have to covert this sentence into comparative degree.

Shall I write it like-----

1. This book is better than any other book in the library.
2. This is better than any other book in the library.

My doubt is, Shall I write only "This" or "This book".

Make my doubts clear.

Every one should read their book.

Every one should read his or her book.

The First doubt ,shall I write "Every one" or "Everyone",because some where it is written like "Every one" and some where "Everyone".

The Second doubt about "their" and "his or her".
It is written that we can use "their" in Informal but "he or she" in Formal English.

My question is, shall I always use Formal, as I am a student.

some boy ot the other has stolen my book.

This sentence is written in a English text book that is taught to me.

But in my previous query about the same question,You told me that this should be corrected like---------------

"some boy ot other has stolen my book."

But Many places I have seen the sentence like

"She always has some bokks or the other". As she is fond of reading books.

Thanks .

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Post by Alan » Mon Sep 27, 2004 10:06 am

Please post your questions separately (giving each an appropriate subject heading).

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