Survival English

Survival English Are you ready to travel abroad? You already know many words before you go. Words like hotel, taxi and police are international words and used in almost every country! Now you can learn and practise more key English words, phrases, questions and answers before you book your trip.

How To Go to a Walk-in Clinic
You don’t need to make an appointment to see a doctor at a walk-in clinic. Learn a few key expressions and questions before you get sick or injured.

How to Express Condolences
When an English friend’s loved one dies, take a moment to express your sympathy.

Parent-Teacher Interview English
Listen and read along to help prepare for your next parent-teacher interview.

How to Use an English Library
Let the library be your language partner in learning English.

English for Hot Weather
Useful vocabulary for surviving the heat in an English-speaking country. Includes audio.

How to Give Directions
You know how to ask for directions, but can you give them?

Satisfy your Sweet Tooth
What are you craving for dessert?

Grocery Shopping in English
Words, expressions and tips for grocery shopping in English.

How to Avoid a Parking Ticket
Parking tickets are pricey. Learn these English words, expressions, and tips about parking before you travel.

English for Earth-Friendly Travellers
Words and expressions that will help you stay earth-friendly while you are travelling

Taking a Taxi
There’s more to getting a ride than saying, “Taxi!”

English for Weddings
Weddings are a great place to listen to and practise your English. This vocabulary will help you enjoy their important day!

Taking the Bus
Don’t stand and worry at the bus stop. Learn these words and phrases and reach your destination on time.

English for the Holiday Season
‘Tis the season for saying “Happy Holidays” in English-speaking countries.

Internet Vocabulary: Abbreviations
Learn what Internet abbreviations stand for. It will help you remember the meaning.

Internet Vocabulary: Adjectives
5 adjectives you should know and understand when using the Internet in English

Internet Vocabulary: Verbs
The Internet is a hot topic. Learn 5 verbs related to the Internet. Then, take the Survivor Challenge.

Internet Vocabulary: Nouns
There is a lot of vocabulary to learn about the Internet. Learn 5 nouns in Part 1 of this series.

How to Order a Drink at the Bar
The bar can be loud and busy. It can be difficult for bartenders to hear and understand non-native speakers and vice versa. Know what you want to drink before you walk in.

Airport English
Airports are stressful. Learn the language you will need before you fly!

Restaurant English
Don’t be afraid to go to an English restaurant! Most servers are used to English learners.

I don’t understand, do you?
Understanding each other is the key to communication. Don’t pretend to understand.

How to Say Thank You
One of the most important things you will say in English is “thank you”.

How to Shop in English
Common questions, problems, and expressions related to shopping.

How to Say “Sorry” in English
There is one more than one way to say sorry in English. Here’s how to “own up” to your mistakes.

10 Idioms Tour Guides Use
Not every tour comes with a translator. Tour guides may use English expressions that you don’t understand. Here are 10 to learn before you sign up for a tour. 1. travel light: Don’t pack a lot of items. Bring only what you need. Please travel light tomorrow. We have a lot of walking to do. […]

10 Questions with “When”
To find out the time something is going to happen in an English speaking country, use “when”.

Get to Know your Cards and Papers in English
Do you know your ID in English? Learn the names of important cards, documents, and slips before you go.

10 Questions with “Where”
10 questions travellers ask: “Where”

How to say Hello and Goodbye in English
5 Ways to Say Hello and Good bye